Fix marine gear

Fixing and Isolating Marine Gear

Universal Fasteners

Fix cables, hoses and all types of marine equipment easily and safely to all boat surfaces, even vertically or overhead. A strong adhesive that will not damage the boat structure bonds BalsaMounts to the boat. No need to drill holes or install screws in composites, or glass additional mounting

BalsaMount Cube with Single Cable

BalsaMount Cube with Single Cable

Isolate Gear from Hull

BalsaMounts serve as a non-conductive spacer between electrical devices and wet hulls to avoid electrical damage. During lightning strikes they provide isolation between induced equipment and electrical ground (water).

Cultivation of Seedlings

Cultivation of Seedlings

Sustainably Farmed 

Titon Ideas is based in Central America. The Balsa trees support a rain forest regrowth
plan by providing the shade needed for plants and trees to regenerate. This is the first step
to permanently rescue the native flora and fauna of a rain forest ecosystem that was lost
to large-scale deforestation.


BalsaMounts Handmade

Light and Handmade

BalsaMounts are made of ultra light dehydrated balsa wood. They have a carefully designed groove that allows using standard cable ties for fastening. A thin fabric glassed to the bottom prevents interference of the adhesive with either the groove or cable tie.
The trees used for BalsaMounts are cut manually and the logs are transported by boat to the local wood workshop, where they are processed mainly by hand.

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